Walk On Water (Евровидение 2016 Мальта)

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Eurovision 2016 Malta: Ira Losco - Walk on water

Bio Ira Losco is the kind of artist who gets noticed the minute she walks into a room. Whether on stage, TV or in a recording studio she captivates you. Ira Losco was born on the 31 July Ira received her basic school education at Sacred Heart and completed a bachelors degree in Communication and Psychology. She started her career by taking part in a number of performances at the schools she attended, Sacred Heart and St. Since Ira also performed with local alternative band, called Tiara, giving shows in various places including hotels and clubs.

Tiara have released an album, "Hi-Infidelity" in , before disbanding in Losco introduced herself to the local music scene as solo singer when she participated in the "Festival Kanzunetta ghaz-Zghazagh" Her next obvious step was participation in the national Eurovision preselection - the "Malta Song for Europe ".

Taking part for the first time, she made it to the finals with two songs: This marked the beginning of her success and her name became familiar and she was already considered one of the established and leading local singers. Success at the Eurovision preselection opened even more doors to Ira, she became the face of various adverts, hosted different events and competitions, appeared in a whole variety of TV programming. In July, she took part in the International Music Festival held in Serbia, with her song Spellbound placing 10th among 43 contestants.

In Ira again qualified to "Malta Song For Europe" with two entries, and even in danger of them splitting the vote decided to perform both in the show. With her memorable and confident performance, at just 12 points away from the title, Ira Losco has stolen the hearts of the country she was born and raised in and thereafter started to build on her fan base across Europe.

After her huge success on the Eurovision stage, in , Ira Losco was asked to perform a song called "Reaching Higher" which was the official anthem for the Games of the Small States of Europe. In February , Ira Losco released her first E.

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The album was quickly recognized by international songwriters and single "Love me or Hate Me" became a dancefloor hit which was remixed by Mark u-Bahn and Dj Ruby. During the first month of , Ira released her remix album called "Blends and Remixes of Someone Else". Several tracks were remixed by popular Maltese DJs which became dance hits. Later during the same year, she presented her second album "Accident Prone".

This album has confirmed Ira Losco as one of the hottest exports of Malta especially after successfully finishing her German Tour and making a name for her in international territory.

During December , Ira released her first DVD "Living It…" - a documentary that included memorable live performances both local and foreign, international collaboration videos, and backstage scenes before concerts, interviews and snippets of the new songs.

Third album of Losco "Fortune Teller", in which she had returned to the rock sound, was released in June Another remix album "Mixed Beats" which included remixed songs from previous three albums, was released in Summer She also has released a Photographic Journal by award wining UK photographer Allen Venables which is a page book with images from performances and campaign photo-shoots.

Her 4th studio album topped the iTunes Malta charts for 11 consecutive weeks, followed by Adele and Coldplay. Another track from it "The Person I Am" maintained the number 1 spot for 6 consecutive weeks. Losco also co-hoted Maltese national Eurovision preselection in Her songs have also been covered by a number of artists.

She is also active in promoting anti-bullying and has recently been made reading ambassador. She also forms part of the "Celebrity For Kids" project. Ira Losco is also part of the animal awareness against Animals in Circuses and has also featured in nation wide TV Spots against animal cruelty.

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She earned the respect of fellow humanitarian Bob Geldof when invited to his home in London prior to a concert they were both headlining. She is also a firm believer in LGBT Rights and has been praised for her fearless comments during hot debates in her country regarding this issue. She continues to support the "Malta Gay Rights Movement" till this very day. Debono and is currently working on the new album due to be released this year.

Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest Artist: Ira Losco Song: Walk on Water.

It is kind of mysterious, starts off dark and moody, which then opens up in the chorus and further opens up when the dance beat kicks in. The song is about how us humans we adapt to the changes in our surroundings". On 30 January speaking on "Ghandi xi Nghid" radio program the singer has stated possibility that special vote will be organized to select Eurovision entry from several options proposed by her team.

As from 21 February ten shortlisted songs 8 new and 2 versions of Chameleon were judged by an international jury from ten countries together with numerous local experts. On Friday 18 March, Ira will be part of Xarabank to present the new song. I loved every minute of it last time, and know what an honour it is to be able to perform in front of million people", says the singer.

Bio Ira Losco is the kind of artist who gets noticed the minute she walks into a room.

Исполнитель: Ira Losco. Формат: mp3.Дата релиза: Подборка: Евровидение
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Ира Лоско (англ. Ira Losco; 31 июля ) — мальтийская...
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Ира Лоско - популярная мальтийская певица, участница конкурса Евровидение и...
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MESC 2016 Final - Ira Losco - Chameleon (Winner)

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